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WP Mentor Episode 1

Because I don’t have a better name for this series of videos yet, I introduce to you episode numero uno! Rob and Chris are the first of many mentor partners I’ll be interviewing as WP Mentor moves along. We’ll hear what they are working on together and what the future holds for their mentorship. More

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2014 wp mentor

2014: The year of WP Mentor

I only “officially” launched the site a little over 1 week ago. So far we have 31 Mentorship listings in the directory — pretty exciting! We’re seeing mentorships from all over the world with various degrees of specialty. Folks we know a lot about and folks we’re just seeing sprout up in the community. I’m

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The launch of WP Mentor

Welcome to WP Mentor, a quick listing of folks looking to become a WordPress mentor or a mentee. I decided to try this out after making my post over on that Matt Report about becoming a mentor. A lot of folks have been connecting over there and e-mailing me willing to help others. So why

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